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History Of Ebola Virus

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Ebola Virus Patients

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kenneth alpha says:    

O LORD ERADICATE Ebola from our land.I pray that you touch and heal all those who are affected by this deadly virus in our country SIERRA LEONE and the West Africa sub-region. Amen.

jolly says:    

we should all close to god as for His mercy & the grace to over come this deadly virus . this end time signs

nomthandazo says:    

Is ebola virus found in mens only?is treated?it can be found in small babby boys? It can be spread if u have sex or what? If its treated how doez it treated?

Dr. Frank says:    

taking bath with salt and water will not solve this virus....... plz people needs help.

Glory Jimmy says:    

The Bible says that cleanliness is next to Godliness, secondly People should give their lives to God because He said He will not put any of these diseases upon Us. The promises is Only for Children of God.

Alobwede Janet says:    

End time watch out if you are not in CHRIST JESUS this is an opportunity to do so. Dont you want to make heaven? Nevertheless; GOD does not forget HIS OWN.

listowel says:    

this virus is very dangerous.. God save Ghana and all other countries from this satanic virus

D.D.Mamtso says:    

one must minimise social activities e.g sexual intercouse outside,attending parties,handshakings ,overcrowding,kissing. corpses should not be preserved 4 too long

etta george esso says:    

Dey is God


it is true that the virus exist in Liberia but the health ministry did overlook it as a result it have cause doubt in many Liberian mind.we have to pray to God in order to save our country

flomo wombo says:    

It's a very difficult situation to fight against this deathly Ebola virus, especially in our case as a Liberians where people still disbelieve the virus does exist. Also our tradition of life where it's very difficult to pass a kindred without a body contact. We can only pray for God protection.

Henry M.Gray jr says:    

Let us come together to fright Ebola. Ebola can Kill.Our people are dieding from this Deadly Ebola.

Livingstone Z. Gbellai says:    

I think the methods of prevention against the ebola virus in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone is limited. More methods on prevention is highly needed, especially for market women, school going boys and girls.

Livingstone Z. Gbellai says:    

And Jesus said to the devil, "for it is written, do not put the Lord your God to the test". Please, people, do not take chances with your life in this times of the EBOLA VIRUS. Pray to God, but try use all the best means for prevention. Look after yourselves very well.

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Bolaji Olasupo says:    


The Lord will guide and protect us from Ebola.

Bolaji Olasupo says:    


Ebola virus is not good. we should be careful for who we touch.



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david anderson j.V says:    


our comment to this ebola crisis its in a house plant which is use today in many products this is the Alo plant. let us try this plant we will await for your answer.

faith says:    


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nqobile ivy says:    


lord please help us fight this virus



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landine says:    


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maipelo xonte says:    


ga re batle bolwetse jwa ebola bo ama lefatshe la rona re le batswana re rapela modimo gore a re babalele bo seka jwa ama batswana ,bagaetsho mmaba satane o leka ka bojotlhe go re nyeletsa mo lefatsheng jaanong ke tla re a re rapeleng re kope thuso kwa go rraarona modimo re babalele ka dinako tsotlhe.

TINEVIMBO says:    


LORD hear our plea....have mercy on your children.... GET WELL SOOON

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