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Tenneh Lahai says:    

Psalm 91. He that dwelled in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Surely God shall deliver thee from every deadly disease; Christians friends lets have faith in the Lord; and be assure that Ebola will do us no harm. God's word does not come down without accomplishing it's purpose Is.55 10:12 and do not be panic, for all these are signs of the end time, now is the time that we should worship him and evangelize his word so ensure that our love ones are saved.

Umaru Deen says:    

May the Lord bring this Ebola disaster to an end I pray and let everybody say Amen.

Umaru Deen says:    

It is my prayer that the Almighty God will help liberia and Guinea and prevent the wholeworld from this deady virus,(Ebola).

Eric S. Bayoh says:    

I saw people in certain part of Liberia/Nimba County (Zolowee and other Towns) with a rope from the bark of a tree tied on their hand saying that the rope prevent people from Ebola Virus. How could this be truth, when doctors and scientists having come up with the treatment? My believe is only God can save us from this deadly Ebola Virus. Father God, I prayed that you forgive our sin and have Mercy upon us.

Eric S. Bayoh says:    

I saw people in certain part of Liberia/Nimba County (Zolowee and other Towns) with a rope from the bark of a tree tied on their hand saying that the rope prevent people from getting Ebola Virus. How could this be truth, when doctors and scientists having come up with the treatment? My believe is only God can save us from this deadly Ebola Virus. Father God, I prayed that you forgive our sins and have Mercy upon us.

tisha says:    

wow it is a very awful dieseas

kutekidz says:    

ebola na dead o.

Johanna Shigwedha says:    

Merciful father,forgive us and help us in fighting this killer disease (EBOLA)

haruna says:    

Oh the most Merciful please forgive us and safe us.cure does who have it and protect who does not have it.

mapule motholo says:    

May the LORD bring EBOLA disaster to an end....

fortune forbes says:    

Dear Lord if you watching now,we need you to do a thing for us..help us fight this plague that has affected us,forgive us of what we have become and give us strength to find our way back to you in the name of our Lord Jesus

austine says:    

Ooo God pel help us to find the cure of this deaseas and not to come to my contry God

Ntombikayise Sihamba says:    

May father LORD help us find the cure for this cruel DESEASE (EBOLA)

Henry Mgbodille says:    

We are architect of our problem. Our misbehaviour in life is causing all this problems. WE NEED TO KNOW GOD!!!!!!! KNOW HIM NOW BEFORE ITS LATE!!!!!!

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comfort says:    


please do something about this ebola virus please thank you

Sandile Vilakazi says:    


0820807915, i can tell you someone will help about this virus ebola believe me

Thato Galekgathege says:    


Se ke se kgopelang mo go ramasedi ke gore Ebola eo e alafesege,malwetse le dintsho di boele morago.A modimo o fe ba botsogo bothale,lesedi, kitso le bopelotelele,maatla le tsotlhe fela tse di thlokegang gore ba fenye mmaba o wa EVD.

Dr Stanley III says:    


to this website, thank you for a photo of this virus, in it I see many faces of Gods of Death, I don't wish to have too many in America with this outrageous virus, however many are coming here, and our nations already barren of fruit, nut, berry Trees from years of people not planting. Fruits nuts berrys are good for the immune system, and meat eaters don't ever plant Trees of LOVE. I am not concerned with African problems, I will them to plant their own lands, and stop begging us for food so they can breed and multiply more voodoo viruses. Sodomy is their birthrite practices, unholy are they all. oh-baa-ma the goat boy needs to go live in Haiti, and Christians need to know God quaked them because they're also voodoo practioners. next is the blue bonic plague outbreak, new mexico has ti already from mexico using bat droppings to fertilize plants. 10 deadly plagues go to the 10 deadly sins practioners. stop going to their lands to try to cure them...if you go then plan to stay, don't come back here expectin g us to help your dumbasses. you all know the race is a sodomy lot, no one can cure their vileness!

Dr Stanley III says:    


Gods face is in this virus, he don't LOVE all. To stop this Horror requires HOLY PRACTIONERS...VOODOO People are to die hard. God hate Sodomy!

nicky says:    


O.M.G save our country Tanzania from this deadly virus

Jessi says:    


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