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Ebola Cells

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About Ebola Virus

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Ebola Virus Patients

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Ben says:    

What is occurring in liberia is not ebola but widespread of chronic chloride or running stomach

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Comments on ebolaviruspictures.com

ugochukwu joseph says:    


Nigerian must seek GOD with all their heart & pray that dis virus do not spread.

ugochukwu says:    


The whole is polluted we have acted wickedly, we have disobeyed GOD, We have not kept his commandment.we need to seek GOD with all our heart.

Amanda Jay-ceon says:    


May The Good Lord Be With His People For They Are In Pain.. We Are All Praying For Them And We We Will Continue Doing So.. Amen

joy says:    


Where is ebola disease originated from

Quinn says:    


God pls gve us ur grace nd understanding 2 find a cure 2 dis deadly virus and Lord pls let it be just 1case nd 1death in nigeria!LORD PLS GUIDE AND PROTECT US NIGERIANS!as its just 1case reported.

akpa magdaline mgbo says:    


May the almighty God save us from ebola virusa



Ebola disease have spread the whole world,i still don't believed that the disease is real b/c we do shake hands together speak to each other but still alive,is only God that knws the truth,i strongly believed that Lord Amighty knws the best 4 us.Mary mother of God, the Great intercesion,interceed for us ur children this hour of deadly disease, our Lady Queen of all Heart pray for until the hour of our death AMEN.

Simeon T. Cephus says:    


Ebola is a deadly diseas that we as Librarians really need pray against and against every spiritual and physical holder and supporter of it.

Isaac F. Joboe says:    


I don't actually beleive that ebola real because people are still violating the rules and are still alive, shaking hands, & etc

Harrington Greene says:    


Ebola is dangerous and troubling, it's better to take take preventive measure and ask for God protection direction.

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