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Johnson kruah says:    

Many people thought that AIDs was so dearly, but Ebola is very dangerous and the most deadly virus that claim the world'a attentio

Morris Toe says:    

Oh! lord help the entire world in finding solution to eliminating this deadly disease.May ur power overcome what soever force is behind this virus.

Kalali Karngar says:    

Papa God,we are as Liberian are looking up to you to please saved us from this lives claiming ebola disease

Jeremiah Davis says:    

Only God Can Save Liberian from this Disease

sharon kpan says:    

GOD,only u can save us from dis disease in liberia.

ebrahim taqui says:    

May the Almighty God help my country sierra Leone and the whole of Africa from this deadly Ebola virus.

Alusine fornah says:    

may God help us and save his people from this deadly deasea

Marieanna Gibson says:    

lord we give it all to you,only you can save us.

nqobile ivy says:    

lord please help us fight this virus

adi.s says:    

we are waiting for the panacea, entire world carefully watching the scientists,who can seem to be our gods.

Precelia Dianyee says:    

Heavenly Father please forgive us n save Africa especially Liberia from this virus.

Gary says:    

You ignorant people! If god causes this hideous disease and all the physical and emotional suffering it entails, who wants such a god to worship? A god who metes punishment out to the innocent to pay for the sins of the wicked is not a god worthy of worship or even notice. Plenty of indigenous peoples have a healthier version of god as do some Eastern religions. it seems to be the persistent views of the Judeo/Christian/Muslim traditions that insist on worshipping a vengeful god. Ebola is a disease plain and simple, with a pathology, microscopic identity, predictable progression, and outcome independent of prayer. Ask yourselves---if prayer works, why does Ebola still exist? Either prayers don't work or Ebola exists independently of prayer.

mark togbah says:    

This virus is a deadly, take ur standard precaution at all time before u come in contact.

jap says:    

king of Glory, Heavenly Father, you are Lord of this World.Take control like u have always done.Your Grace ,Mercy and Goodness is sufficient.In Jesus' name i pray. Amen!!!

darry gracy says:    

GOD..Hear the cry of your children and shut the door of ebola in africa.I pray that you forgive the sins of your children and listen to their cries.many are now left lonly

Tabuki Teoraata says:    

God you know the burden on your people lives aquired from desease. please help them and those who workhard to find cure.

Sensee Corneh says:    

Ebola is real. The question is,every death that is taking place in Liberia is from ebola ?Asolutely not every death.But while is it that no one in Liberia can die naturally,except from the deadly Ebola virus.

Cynthia Haviland says:    

Please listen to people who are educated in the field who want to help you and also prevent the spread of this terrible disease!!! No one wants your blood; they want to save you!!!!

Hawa P. Quaye CM/RN says:    

Some sin that we commit sometimes make God angry and so he would send a plague,remember the story of Moses and Pheroah. Let us ask God for his mercy and forgiveness of our sins n he will hear from Heaven to heal the land.

Asheri Beri says:    

God please have mercy

oby says:    

Precious blood of Jesus Christ is the only real sanitizer needed. Soak urself in this blood and be save even from Ebola virus.

Mohammed Ziad Shauri says:    

May Almighty God Help those who affected and prevent the rest too!

Uche ngereh says:    

My God pls take dis evil far from your children or give us a solution to solve dis problem

owoyale Tola says:    

My brothers and sisters Ebola doesn't mean the end has come,but its a sign4u&I to knw our sins has run over the cup of anger of the lord.that why we are seeing his wrath,but i want2tel u dis.the bible says even the children of isreal are as the sea shore,I will mercy and companion on whom i will have to.brethren its left to u and I to turn away from our evil did.coz its graduating Malaria-HIV-Ebola-who knw what next,my brothers let all cry2God and turn away frm our evil way.And he's going to show us the channel,panacea,solution,the scintilia way out to diz coz he has the impetous,ibility and ability to save us.

sipho ndlanzi says:    

God help us fight tthis virus,Father we pray that people shall not leave in fear for their lives we pray in the name of Jesus Amen.

Daniel Junior says:    

God come on to our aids,in the hand of ebola. Is it our sins, Father forgive us, we are suffering in the hand of a deadly virius we no noting about.Let your grace see us through this time of trayal.

Naa Kwamaah says:    

God please have mercy on us

fred.o.omahi says:    


fred.o.omahi says:    


OWUSU says:    


DJ WANTED says:    

wat a deadly virus,more dangerous dan aidz & malaria

Prem says:    

I hope GOD wil cure him &al people of world

Aaron G. Paye says:    

Our God used his power to stop the fourteen years of civil conflict ;He can do the same in situation like this. .. ..Ebola must go.

Richeal Miller says:    

Oh God of d poor n needy, God of helpless n defenceless we as africans cry n cal upon ur name to fight ebola for us. D same way u fought d people of Isreal. For we r helpless n defenceless, pls hv mercy on us.

saah Gbeinda says:    

May the lord bless guide and protect us from this deadly virus called Ebola

Mulambwa says:    

What a disease.... God come in and save your people.

paul m kollie jr says:    

In liberia they have testing minterial in all county why done u take that testing minterial to health center,so that they can help people will difference sickness

Anna Mani says:    

Oh my saviour please save your children from Ebola.AMEN

Mary says:    

Jesus you are the only one to save us from Ebola.There is nothing impossible to you.

ifeanyi john says:    

may God have mercy on us,this illness can be not be phantom ed by mere human understanding,i think it its spiritual it only takes the grace of God to prevail.

oviczy says:    

God help us ooo frm dis virus that take-up place in Nigeria is seem that world has come to an end nw God help us ooo once again God help us

appiah says:    

Oh God only you can save us from this disease

Favour says:    

Na God go help us o becos it b lyk say na endtym o me i go make heaven o wat abt u?

Khethu Cossa says:    

God hlp us please we plead unto u ....we nthng bt humbl bow b4 u so u may let go of ur wrath against us ....we nid u to hlp us in dis diseas u said by ur stripes we wer healed so we plead passionately unto u great God....in Jesus name i pry AMEN!!!

Justice says:    

Wot so eva dat has a beginning must definitely hav an end. Ebola is a mere virus which the power of tongue can over come. Pls my fellow Nigerians there should not be panic amongst us since we have our tongue with us un-cut. My bible says “there is power in the tongue“ so mind ur wordings. If u blieve open ur mouth and say boldly Ebola i shall over cme u. AMEN

james says:    

This is very scary never thought I would fear so much. But our God shall speak

nafissaalim says:    

My dear brothets and sistet prayers can save us from this ddisease.but let try to be clean and know the kind of thinks we eat out there.well makesure you eat bettercola .salt and warm water.drink it 4prevension I PRAY ALLAH PROTECT US FM THIS DISEASE .

Gerald Nwanya says:    

God is not angry with any body.He is not the cause of Ebola.God has already made provision for ebola in Christ Jesus. The name of Jesus is above the name ebola.Is time we rise up in faith and take charge.Ebola has no power over any believer.Let God arise in u.The solution is with us,both spiritual and physical.

Abbey Quadri says:    

May Almighty God forgive us our sin,and guide us from all sicknesses on earth

kelvin says:    

Does it get worst

Amos G. Blamah says:    

Let us return to our first love as Liberian and put our trust in the almighty God that is the only way EBOLA will leave Liberia

adedoyin ridwan says:    

Dr.una dey go moon see hw. Una dress so u dey fear ebola lolz...........

leslieann hannibal says:    

Dear. Lord u r the great physician. Everything that the body and spirit needs .the light of the way .god have mercy on us all ;jesus christ paid the price for our sins .please believe in jesus son of god for his help.

khonie says:    

May the lord Jesus christ help usWe stay with fear all bcs of this disease let us not give up on praying thats de only way we can trust God our Lord..

kenneth akpan john says:    

Ebola virus is deadly even with the protective devices becos aftet attending to the victim (s) in the process of removing the clothings if one is not careful he/ she might contact it.again how is those clothing being disposed ? who ? where? how??? God have mercy on afrca. pls. do not punish us according to our wickedness but show us ur infinite mercy.

Agyemang Ebenezer Nkawkaw says:    

It's very sad that people are scared of the deadly ebola virus, eventhough we are to be cautious of our eating habit and body contacts, but this is the time we are to exercise faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST that He heals every diseases ( Exodus 15:22 Isaiah 53:5)Oh!! our healing God heal your children in the name of JESUS. Amen.

Ekeinde Blessing says:    

God pls save us

Ngozi Ajogu says:    

God please show us mercy Save your people from this deadly disease called EBOLA. Protect those who volunteered to attend to the victims of this wicked virus. IJN AMEN

fiza says:    

Govt of Saudi Arabia has sent a message to All Muslim Countries to bath with SALT Water, BT recite BISMILLAHI 7 HASBUNALLAHU WAINMAL WAKIL 7 INNALILLAHI WAINNA ILLAHI RAJIUN 7 LI'ILLAFI KURAISH 7 into the water and Bath for the prevention of Ebola Insha- Allah

Tineyi Denhere says:    

africa lets stop civil wars and lets use our energy and resources in building our continent so that each state in africa becomes a economic giant. if you look at some of these diseases like cholera HIV and Aids. They follow poverty. USA and China are the country have less people suffering from these diseases yet they have the highest populations why because they are economic giants. God loves Africa that is why we have plenty resources to last us a hundred generations .Let us not make africa the devil's play ground.

Tejpratap Rajnath Sharma. says:    


Harrison says:    

Pls Good God, help us, your children are dying of this killer disease come to our rescue pls

Most Dan says:    

For dis disease to come out, we need only Gods intervention to save us, our Lord in Heaven see what ur people are passing through, pls save us

amina saheed says:    

ALmighty God come to our aid this is death it'self.

rawface obike says:    

God pls save africans save the world cause all the power is in your hands

michael attah says:    

acute moral decadence,severe general mal_administration, progressive godlessness, intercontinental hypocrisy,acceptability of anti-christicism. careful mis-application of natural laws,brazen injustice and melodious anthemization of blasphemous doctrines;- these are the sorry catalysts that upgrade common diseases cum sicknesses to ALIEN status.we must make humanity to profit most from our collective enterprise otherwise the worst is yet to come. QUAD ERAT FACIENDUM.

princemathew says:    

It is time for the world to stand against evil devices from the devil for this is spiritual thuse we can't fight spiritual things through the fisical.Especially my country Cameroon let's use forget about irrelevant things like embeslement,corruption,tribalism and fight against Ebola.thanks


Wat is FG doing about dis diagoristic virus dat is trying 2 exclitate our country wen dey saw a pentiagos camimitis dey ar jst dere prescutatin and mesmarizin our innoct mony letz sumom our religious 2 pray 4 dis entity of a clarafiscated mandoizin

Matthew S Gee says:    

I pray for the eradication of the ebola virus around the globe.

ability sylvanus says:    

Do we need for someone to tell us that God,s anger haw fill the hole world.the world full of envy,jealousy,killing,wickedness every were the sickness that had been since 1976 and now out breack. This a jurgem

ability sylvanus says:    

Do we need for someone to tell us that God,s anger haw fill the hole world.the world full of envy,jealousy,killing,wickedness every were the sickness that had been since 1976 and now out breack. This a jurgement that must not escape both the rich,poor,yong and old.this worning has call for total repentance for our land nigeria starting from our leaders to the list one.both the pastors,the immam,and the alfas.let us go to the LORD as his word in 2nd chronicle 7:14.the inocent blood of children of GOD.liberia,serrialone & nigeria has toched the hart of GOD.nigerians be worned.may the Almighty presarve you as you hear this word and repent from you evil way.remember a prayer of sinner is abormination unto our GOD.and he that breacketh the edges serpent will bite.

Njei Leonel .T says:    

my God arise and do something. ebola is just too small for you.

Enitan says:    

This is part of the end time pestilence which has already been recorded on the Bible.We just have to strong in faith and admist everything God still protects his children. It is high time xtians proclaim in the streets and preach for the repentance of souls because the end is near.Yet christ said when all this starts happening,it is the beginning of the end. Jesus save us

cj solomon says:    

ther is nothing more to debate,its obvious that the world has ended we are just waiting for christ coming.Ebola na war.

MINEEMMY says:    


reuben akpwa says:    

O god this world is coming to an end from hiv to aids from aids to ebola wat next at d end of it may we all see jesus at d end of it all

myne says:    

no matter anything god has plans for his people


It's time we join together in prayers and take authority over the ebola virus. God has given us the power to decree a thing and have it established. LORD we thank you because we know in everything we have the right petition with you and above all we trust in your judgement for your power is been manifested all over the world. glory be to God. Lets copy from Esther in the Bible and engage in this warfare and with GOD on ourside we have victory in JESUS name. Amen.

Desmond Damptey says:    

only jesus can save us frrom this ailment.

Davidson says:    

God it is time for you to show the world that you are the only one that have the power of life and death.please show your mercy towards our countries cos you said who so ever you shall hav mercy upon u shall have mercy.

Olusesi Tajudeen says:    

Who is save in the whole world now? Lets just keep vigilante

chiccu chimwala says:    

what can i say god be with them

Philip BANING says:    


Mpho Mohlala says:    

May god gives someone out there the wisdom to find the cure for this disease. It is not good to see god's people die so helplessly.

Lucky joshua says:    

My God is bigger that medicine of the old and the now world. He alone knows the origin of this ailment and as much knows the end. His powers are undoubting, it has always prevailed and wouldn't fail us at this daring time. He's got the healing and has revealed it to man. Girde up your loins and run to him in faith. Only through this can you be duely protected and healed

Lucky joshua says:    

My God is bigger than medicine of the old and the now world. He alone knows the origin of this ailment and as much knows the end. His powers are undoubting, it has always prevailed and wouldn't fail us at this daring time. He's got the healing and has revealed it to man. Girde up your loins and run to him in faith. Only through this can you be duely protected and healed

nitesh says:    

wait. ..... help for god

Martin Nnjolomole says:    

God, Our Father, we come to you for we're poor and inflicted by this deadly disease. Heal us all from this as you did to King Hezekiah. Lord we Pray, Lord graciously Hear Us!

Martin Njolomole says:    

God, Our Father, we come to you for we're poor and inflicted by this deadly disease. Heal us all from this as you did to King Hezekiah. Lord we Pray, Lord graciously Hear Us!

Timothy Duoe says:    

May our lord n Savior Jesus Christ 4give us n have mercy on Africa Aman ...

hearts Umah says:    

God we know in everything that happens you know of it. but please God have mercy and remove this unwanted virus.


I am Nigeria and I am praying that this deadly virus that is killing our. People may Allah subuhana wataala save us from it all over the world and grant our doctors the wisdom to fined the cure ameen..

omaswegorileng says:    

dnt ever cme 2 mi country plissssssssszzzz am afraid of ur noncence ditswene

ebube says:    

oh lord you alone take the sin of the word have mercy on us and of these who are in need of your mercy

ebube BENJAMIN says:    

oh lord you alone take the sin of the word have mercy on us and of these who are in need of your mercy

Miracle onyenegacha says:    

If de hole world will give change from sin and evil deeds ...GOD almighty haz de solution to dis problem....or mabe the END time has com....

Ismael camacho says:    

We are living the end of day.this is one of the 7 plague may god help us all

thompson says:    

be4 dis ebola starts its war to human race i knw it must have taken permission from God who created every thing but i knw one day god wil say enough to it

FOMBA S. KAMARA says:    


maureen says:    

God I know that if you are to judge us base on our actions, non will be left in this world. Please forgive our short comings and come to our rescue in Jesus most precious name I pray Amen

wallas says:    

Chai,....this ebola virus is so deadly, look at how its claiming innocent souls..May God save we nigerians from this predicament

wallas says:    

The thing that touches me most is that we don't know the root of this ebola thing, maybe its the remix of HIV and AIDS or the end time sign. But no matter what it is God will surely save his children.



lady g says:    

We are notthing but pencil in hand of d cretor he wil surly save his children

Abigail james says:    

Let the entire human race turn from evil and call on God because this is definately a sign of the end times.GOD SAVE US.

s.k says:    

God, we pray 4 d forgiveness of sin.pls help 9ja n d entire world over dis outbreak virus.Amen

Henry Matthew says:    

We have the solution to this Virus,but we haven't known yet.. Very soon we shall be happy again..

Nnamdi Lemuwa says:    

The world as come to an end. They is no two ways about it

rahul says:    

prevention is better than cure , so better to alert,educative abt this ebola virus how it transmits , its transmitted by neddle ,syringes ,and infected peolple by physical contact so during funeral be protective

orim Israel says:    

My God, despite our sins ,save us frm dis virus (Ebola)

Amadu w barrie says:    

O Allah help us to a solution, of this Killer that torment the entire world. AMEEN

Amakaozilam says:    

God save my country nigerian ooo nd all african country oo i dey fear 4 here ooo God help mi ooo

eric koroma says:    

we pray that this may end soon in Jesus name

Paschal says:    

Ebola ..... is real

ibeneme nduka says:    

Which of the animals that causes this virus

Chioma Vivian says:    

God please help us to survive dis disease amen

obodoeze eugene says:    

How can we prevent it not to speculate everywhere

Bih Loveline says:    

Father lord you are the miracle working God, there is none like you lord.let your power begin to manifest upon those infected by this deadly disease and heal them of their pain.you are the God that healeth thee and i know you will show your mercy and compassion upon us by wiping away this disease in Jesus name

yagoub ali says:    

may Allah save us and save the whole world from this fatal disease

jalloh abdulai, bandafai village says:    

God help us, we can only live once in this life, but tomorrow, we shall live forever...with this short period of we in. Plz, protect us.

jalloh abdulai, bandafai village says:    

God help us, we can only live once in this life, but tomorrow, we shall live forever...with this short period of we in. Plz, protect us.

Gabriel says:    

Lord of mercies,u av promise us in your word that u wont let yr children suffer,d bible says,all av sin nd come forth d glory of d lord,jesus christ dnt bcos of our sin use diz deadly disease 2 eradicate nd clear us lord,jesus christ prove 2 al dat ur gr8

Ahmed A Turay says:    

Presently in Freetown people have started wearing hand gloves and avoiding hand shakes, shop owners with chlorine bucket at the front of their shops indulging customers to wash their hands before entering the shop, it's strange please God help us.

Gideon T. Agamah says:    

Dear God have mercy on us, forgive us our transgressions and heal our land of this deadly ebola virus fever. We plead with you through the precious and never-drying blood of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

thembinkosi says:    

As african let's all stand and fight against the spreading of EBOLA disease,let's us pray n pray to God the mightyask for his help,he's the one knows about us

wada isah says:    

Oh,my God, its a pity for those that contact these disease, please urgent action should be taken so that others will not affected with this deadly virus.

Adetokunbo A.Onasanya says:    

Blood of Jesus will wash all forms of diseases in our land ( Africa) and the entire world in Jesus might name

wendy says:    

Oh lord,pour down ur healing rain upon our continent esp 9ja ,bcos wt our population ,,,ebola will travel a thousand mile ,,in jesus name Amen

akpa magdaline mgbo says:    

May the almighty God save us from ebola virusa

Amanda Jay-ceon says:    

May The Good Lord Be With His People For They Are In Pain.. We Are All Praying For Them And We We Will Continue Doing So.. Amen

Sheraton G. Johnson says:    

Liberians, now that major believed that Ebola exist in our country, help carry the message to those who are in the state of denial.

tokozman says:    

I believe in God.he wil make a way for us

Gibrilla Conteh says:    

What A Deadly Virus Ebo......La

Alexander AllyAl says:    

May God save us from the devil, this disease is most deadly disease ever recorded... God save we Africans before this disease eradicate us all

Damsel says:    

Which kin mumu liberian man know say e carry ebola disease come de come naija....e de craze....may God judge am o

Trokon R. Jackson (Liberia) says:    

This disease is a complete curse, because of the level of immoralities and wickedness today. We need to repent from our sins and turn to GOD Almighty for mercy. The Bible says if we will turn from our sin, God will hear our prayers and heal our Land. The solution to Ebola is total and true repentance. Help in sharing this message.

Bruce Emordi. says:    

God almighty in your hands lies every life, help us Nigerians, as our we lack medical facilities to fight the common sickness not to talk of complicated one like EBOLA.

ojukaja segun says:    

May the the Almighty God fogive the entire human race.This is the result of our SIN.Pls God forgive.

isyaku aliyu says:    

may ALLAH help us and protect us all amean

J. budu Wesley Jr. says:    

This deadly sickness is dem scaring and dangerious, all we have to do is to ask God intervention, because we can not treat it all by our selves. Today is John, tomorrow is Peter, whose next? Maybe you or my self. Oh God please help us and save the world from this deadly sickness

Nekeh Mulbah says:    

It is only God who can save us from ebola virus. Therefore let us run to him for safty. And let us hold together and pray to Him.

Alphine rolex says:    

Heavenly father all our hope is to u,save us in sierra leone from this stubbon diseases we know that u are above all sickness

Santigie Kanu says:    

It is only the almighty God will save us from the deadly ebola virus from our country Sierra Leone

Mustoupha Ashorm says:    

Ya Allah we know there is no sickness you created without a cure,Ya Allah save us from the punishment in dis diease..Ya Allah give shifa to those who are victim and save de entire world from it.

Morris Yollen says:    

Is good for the entire world to stand and find solution in fighting this deadly deaseas.

S. Alexander M. Cole says:    

The symptoms are scaring and the victims are going through hell. This virus is damaging and if nothing is done, it will cause us all. Please take immediate action to curb the situation relevant authorities.

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thabani ndlovu says:    


Our faith is tested in times like these, when such things happen do not be afraid , but be strong and pray that if it is Gods will that we may died , our prayers be , to have our names in the book of life, for God promises a heaven with no sickness ,lets pray that the Holy Spirit keeps us strong in such times,blessed are those that in times like these will be faithful to the end.

tisha says:    


wow it is a very awful dieseas

Bolaji Olasupo says:    


The Lord will guide and protect us from Ebola.

Bolaji Olasupo says:    


Ebola virus is not good. we should be careful for who we touch.



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david anderson j.V says:    


our comment to this ebola crisis its in a house plant which is use today in many products this is the Alo plant. let us try this plant we will await for your answer.

faith says:    


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