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Obukwelu chisom says:    

Does the virus have a cure or solution

Kelvin kakia says:    

Caseses of ebola disease is reported is reported in Liberia. Symptoms of this virus varies. Here is one symptom

Bolaji Olasupo says:    

Ebola virus is not good. we should be careful for who we touch.

Bolaji Olasupo says:    

The Lord will guide and protect us from Ebola.

simthembile says:    

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mungwindi john says:    

i wonder where such a disease originates from and why it was given such a name.

Tisa says:    

God have mercy on us. Signs of the last days.Amen

Dr Pedro says:    

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ogundairo kafayat says:    

can the government please declear a day public holiday to give everyone vaccine for prevention

thembelihle ntsunguzi says:    

i wish they could get help cause i can see that they are suffering from this virus god be with them make a plan for them in jesus name AMEN

Junior Jayiya says:    

i hope God help u nd get better soon.

Redden says:    

:::::::::::::::::::*:::::::::::: People have to have conscience that they can have the disease... That's the start for not getting this... For sure god helps if you believe in but it also depend on us not only him, everyone has to be united to help and be careful for not getting the disease in its way... Everyone knows how sad it is and mainly who is suffering or had someone from family dead by it... Pray but also be careful and have the conscience that you can get the disease at any time... My prayers and hopes for all countries and people! I hope you guys keep the faith and care for this disease to be killed, because I am either. :::::::::::*:::::::::::::::::::::

Redden says:    

If someone has any question about the ebola virus ----> http://mashable.com/2014/07/14/ebola-questions/ <-----

john ogutu says:    

ebola is real lets not just be ignorant dear kenyans

MOROOSELE says:    




MOROOSELE says:    


MODISE.COM says:    




Isack Isacko Tuye says:    

r Hey there? am isack isacko from kenya...A point of advise not only to my fellow kenyans but also the rest of the world...lets take good care of ourselves not to acquire this dreadful disease which i refer to as a'curse'.This does not mean that we assimilate the victims.we ought to love them and pray for them despite the fact that they are affected.To the victims,please and i say please for heaven's sake lets try as much as possible to prevent the spread of EBOLA...MAY GOD HELP US ALL AND I LOVE YOU ALL... Bye

mahendra chhetri says:    

God bless nepal will not be suffered from this deadly disaese .

kelvin suada says:    

Is dis a curse or judjemnt?jah ave mercy!

chinyere says:    

there no more time to live in ignorance we need to very careful, prayerful,and very mush prepared for end-time has come who knows the next, i pray that God help,forgive, and deliver us. na waoooo

kamogelo says:    

Let's find traetment of these virus please.ebola is very very dangerous.we mst also pry god with all engergy we do have.

Kishan sahu says:    

I m a student from india. I m preparing for MBBS. Actually i want to know about ebola virus. Please someone help me.

Enoch Gyas says:    

The solution to this predicament is found in God, as the scripture rightly put it thus: " if my people which are called by name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their Land." 11 chronicles 7:14

tracy says:    

i want to share this wonderful testimony to the world as a whole in case there is some body in this same situation. i was diagnosed of EBOLA VIRUS good 7 months,until i meant a woman with name Anita she told me about a man called Dr Akhere ,i was not too sure if he was real until i contacted him my self. I thought that there was never a cure for my deadly ailment but Dr Akhere told me that his herbs could cure me, and then i decided to give him a try, he then told me that once i start taking his herbs, that it will only take me some days to be cured, i believed him and took the herb with faith. after he gave me the medication, i took it and i was feeling some new signs in my body and i decided to go for a test and the result stated that i was EBOLA VIRUS negative, i was very happy and even called my pastor and told him about it, i am very happy that i am now free from EBOLA VIRUS and i am also happy that i will not be celebrating this Christmas as an EBOLA VIRUS patient as i have did for the past, so help me say a very big thank you to Dr Akhere for saving me from the hands of the deadly ailment. if you are also in this type of situation and you are seeking for solution, seek no more for you have received the right information you have been wanting for a very long time in this type of issues you are very free to contact Dr Akhere today through his email: drakherespiritualtemple@gmail.or call him on his mobile number : +447087697619. i strongly believe that he will help you out just as he did mine, God bless.email him now, drakherespiritualtemple@gmail

William arinze says:    

God of elele is God and will protect me in Jesus name amen "Jesus I love you,all I have is yours, yours I am and yours I want to be,do with me whatever you will amen. Repeat this pilgrimage prayers daily with faith and be healed in Jesus name: AMEN

Alex Molise says:    

where ebola comes from and is there in africaa including Lessotho or how many countries got this dangerous killing desease, how long does it take before is killing its victims?

albert albert says:    

i just hope this virus does not visit my country ....people let us pray maybe god will have pity and take away the virus

Jenny says:    

Ebola virus is a terrible disease, it’s the disease no body will be happy to hear from a doctor but I thanked Great Priest Essyewa for making me live again, I have been having Ebola virus for the past 2 weeks now and I was very sad hoping for death, I saw a testimony on how Great Priest Essyewa cured someone's Ebola virus, I decided to contact him through his email via greatpriestessyewa@gmail.com, I explained my problems to him and he assured me of healing me, I did all he asked me to do! After all, he said I will be free, three days later I started feeling some changes in my body, a week later I went to carry out a test but suprisingly, the Ebola virus was not in my body anymore, the doctor asked me what happened and I told him about Great Priest Essyewa, he said he had heard about him, about the great things he had done, he cured Ebola virus and any other diseases, now I’m free, I don’t know how to express my Joy. contact him now via email on greatpriestessyewa@gmail.com or call him through his mobile number on +2347062157914 and he will surely cure your deadly disease for you. he is 100% guarantee

enoh jeannette says:    

GOD is the solution,for it is written by the strip of his blood we are heal.Accept JESUS as ur lord and protector Ebola will not be a barer.For it is written the plans i have for u is the plans of prosperity and not of failure if GOD is for us not even Ebola can be against us.

idu christopher i says:    

with God all things are possible, meanwhile it wil nt get across our country talk more of effecting our pple. where always on prayer.

samy tach says:    


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nwaobi precious says:    

I commet my life and my family into Gods hand (Amen).

dosu abiodun says:    

Ebola is a politcal weapon against africa GOd will intervane

raphael nyirenda says:    

Ebola is real we need to pray hard.

DBTrek says:    

This picture isn't even Ebola. What kind of two-bit ma and pop operation is running this dog an pony show?!?

Mary says:    

Symptoms of Ebola and the cure or protection

DR DAVE says:    

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paul says:    


Jessica Glenn Moroney says:    

Lord god, please help us, please save everyone who has this horrible virus! Help that we dont get it. Save us all ! All of the people out there who have this horrible virus you are in my prayers the mighty Lord God will help you all. He will help everyone even those who dont have ebohla ! Have faith, hope and trust in the mighty Lord he loves us all and will help us ! Your faith, trust and hope must be constant in Thee Lord God !!! AMEN !!! Everyone out there pray for all these people who have ebohla and that God will be with us all during this outbreak!

A.K.Qureshi says:    

I wonder such a deadly disease exist kìlling so many lnnocent lives and science can do nothing. 6

prince chuks says:    

Is they no cure for this ebola virus? How will someone know who have the virus?

dr okaka says:    

Hello every one, am dr okaka the man that has EBOLA VIRUS cure by spell and herbal medinice i have cure people who has complain to me. , and there are many testimonies about me. in case you want to contact me you can email or call 08156878916 or email ezizaspellhome@outlook.com. come with your problem and with your believe that you are healed i have cure to problem like: EBOLA VIRUS HIV and AIDs LIVER PROBLEM HEART PROBLEM

andrew s. venson; jr. says:    


akin ogunmuywa says:    

Ebola is real and true! Let's keep the simple instruction to it. May almighty God saves us. Amen

Emmanuel Friday says:    

Ebola is real... Liberians be careful of this deadly disease. No cure so far. God Bless Liberia and Safe Our State.

Munah Bropleh says:    

Let all Liberians acknowledge that Ebola is REAL and is in Liberia. We should also practice all preventive measures and the rest is left with God.

Dorene Zeller says:    

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tizita damana says:    


monday pamela says:    

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Raymond says:    


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Becky Miller says:    


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Tanya Albert says:    


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Tanya Albert says:    


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Daniel Vasnisa says:    


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