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The Ebola virus manifests with a fever, muscle and head pain, vomiting, and a rash. These symptoms vary depending on what strain of the disease is contracted.

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Deborah F Titus says:    

Lord Jesus, have mercy upon West African countries. Pour down the dew of mercy upon my African counterparts in Jesus' Name as speaking by one of the deaf African Americans

Theophilus says:    

I think scientist should be fast to find its medicine as soon as possible

sensee k. zulu says:    

Dear God we need your protection from this Ebola virus.

shadrack says:    

Let your be done' oh lord Jesus.

shadrack says:    

Let your will be done' oh lord Jesus.

Charles B. Coffey Jr says:    

I am a Liberian. Here in Liberia there is are suspected cases of ebola virus. more than five persons have died in Lofa county of Liberia. Medical sources say many of the victims came from neighboring guinea to seek treatment in Liberia.while 61 deaths reported in Guinea on Monday March 24 2014. But doctors in France who are investigating said examination for now proved that the one of patients examined is negative. meaning no evidence of Ebola virus. If so than is this a new virus? so help us god.

Charles B Coffey Jr. says:    

God, please inspire medical scientist to find care for the Ebola virus.

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thomas says:    


Just because your poor and destitute does not mean you have to live like pigs. These people catch this virus because they are ignorant, they live in filth and handle dead animals then spred it by having sex with each other. This is Gods curse on them.

Gibrilla Conteh says:    


What A Deadly Virus Ebo......La

Gibrilla Conteh says:    


Ebola Is A Severe Vidal Virus That Kills But Can Be Prevented,let All Pray To Allah For Quick Cure

Alexander AllyAl says:    


May God save us from the devil, this disease is most deadly disease ever recorded... God save we Africans before this disease eradicate us all

Olalekan taiwo says:    


These show that the world as come to an end,which many people do not belive it,all we need to ask is for God to have mercy on us.so we may live with Him in heavenly home

Felicia Okereke says:    


Please our government should find a medical solution to this stigma that is knocking people down. This virus is not supposed to be in our country Nigeria. our country is blessed, I don't know the reason why people should come and spray this deadly disease in our country. Its only God that will inter vain for us.

Damsel says:    


Which kin mumu liberian man know say e carry ebola disease come de come naija....e de craze....may God judge am o

Adams kure says:    


God help us and free us frm dis deadly diseas

christopher Uzoukwu says:    


This is something that is unexpected and new, we have always being seeing it through the media as an epidemic from and for Central Africa. We thought it would never come to us in West Africa. Its now the proverb of the elders is making sense "when a non relative's corpse is being taken for burial it seems as if the corpse bearer are carrying sticks". God help every African and the people of the world. Ebola is here to stay unless drastic action is taken like HIV AIDS.

Dr.Daniel Okeke says:    


It is pathetic and so painfull dat this dangerous disease virus dat kills more than d most dreaded HIV/AIDS is now suSpected to be in Nigeria. Do we call back all d people on board with him(victim) through their addresses to and be tested,but of course they might have passed it on to all d people they have come in contact with since then.Meaning is spread as fast as possible? What are d Remedial measure ??? Do we quarantine ourselves ???

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